While we're working hard every day by stepping out of our comfort zones, when we look forward to relaxing, we crave the sweet spot. For some people, it is having a cup of tea in the balcony, for some it is taking a warm bath, while for others, it is relaxing on a comfortable couch. If you have bought yourself a sofa you always dreamed of having, it must be expensive and require maintenance. While other kinds of furnishing might suffice with dusting, sofas need a little more care.

Why book sofa cleaning services

Some things are best left for the experts! No matter how well you know your product, it might be difficult for you to maintain it with precision. Not using the right sofa cleaning supplies and applying them the correct way can damage your expensive upholstery.

Here are some reasons why you should book a sofa cleaning service provider in Kolkata:

1.     Durability

Buying a sofa set is a one-time investment that we would not want to repeat for ten years at least. However, it is also a piece of furniture prone to regular wear and tear.

Dust and dirt are contributing factors to the damage of such a product. To prevent yourself from frequent repair, you need regular cleaning.

They will also have correct cleaners for stain removal. Their final touch will enhance the longevity of your product.

2.     Quality material

A professional sofa cleaner knows which cleaning supply will suit your product. They will have separate products for leather sofas compared to fabric-based sofas.

If you try to clean your sofa without having accurate knowledge of the material, you might cause more harm than good. Moreover, the precise proportion can also make a vast difference.

Many sofa sets are made with delicate fabric like silk. Such material will require a different cleaning product than leather or other fabric types.

3.     Drying

Excessive water usage might result in penetration into the furniture causing massive damage. A professional cleaner will not only use water appropriately for cleaning but also dry your sofa before it soaks excess water. Also, they will carry vacuum cleaners to remove the presence of excess water immediately.

4.     Remove bad odour

Our sofa sets are prone to food spillage, pet hair, sweat, and more. Such aspects can make them smell bad and devalue the user experience. Professional cleaners use products that don't just clean your upholstery but also make them smell good.

5.     Free from allergens

You could be vacuuming your sofa every other day, but when pollens stick to the fabric, they are challenging to remove. These promote allergies like dust mites and make your skin vulnerable to itchiness and redness. Professional cleaners take extra measures to remove allergens and retain the quality of your product.

Final thoughts

OTIFS is a professional cleaning company that specializes in carpet and sofa cleaning services exclusively. You can book sofa cleaning by professional separately or club it as an add-on when booking home deep cleaning services. Hire experts today to maintain the quality of your expensive upholstery.