A big fat Indian wedding starter pack will include many events, a large crowd, great food, and memories to cherish. Moreover, since many couples postponed their wedding dates due to the pandemic, they are extra cautious about their D-day celebrations. To ensure that the celebrations are carried out safely, it is imperative to bookbouncers for a wedding venue.

What are bouncers?

Bouncers provide security services for individuals or events to prevent chaotic situations in places they are most prone. For example, you might have seen bouncers at bars and nightclubs, mainly because they are places where alcohol is served and consumed. Alcohol often makes people behave aggressively, which is not acceptable per civil standards.

Why do you need trained bouncers for weddings?

The primary reason why Indian weddings require bouncers is the long guests list. Family members can't take charge of every individual coming in or control chaotic situations.

For families, weddings are an intimate and emotional affair. One would rather spend their time enjoying the moment than supervising the event. This is why the importance of bouncers becomes imperative.

Apart from chaos, there are also chances of gate-crashing, theft, and other unscrupulous behaviour that must be prevented or controlled. Who is better suited to handle such situations than bouncers?

Here are some reasons that justify the need to book bouncers in Kolkatafor weddings:

1.     Security surveillance

Observation is an essential type of security surveillance, and bouncers are skilled to provide them. When put in charge, they are on high alert to understand how people behave at an event and what intentions they might have. Appointing bouncers might prevent people from ruining an event if they do not have good intentions.

2.     Bouncers are must during baraats

The moment when the baraats reach the wedding venue, our enjoyment often makes us go carefree. It is also the time when it becomes difficult to differentiate between known and unknown faces, making intruders find it easy to enter.

Bouncers take the responsibility to ensure that people do not get into arguments or resentment even during such a moment. They also find a way to make every attendee mark their presence so that no one can gate-crash the event.

3.     Safety

Weddings are events where people wear their best jewellery and carry liquid cash for gifting and receiving. Security becomes necessary to prevent vulnerability in theft, burglary, and other criminal activities that can ruin such an auspicious day.

Final thoughts

Several wedding planners are gradually includingprofessional security services in Kolkatafor their clients.They understand the importance of collaborating with a team of trained experts to ensure the ceremonies run smoothly.

Contact OTIFS today to get the professionally trained bouncers for your upcoming projects if you have a wedding planning company. Friends and families of bride and groom who are soon to be wedded can directly contact us or book our services online.